Gases fired on Al Atebeh town in #Damascus’s suburbs – 19/3/2013 Cases of suffocation reported

Gases fired on Al Atebeh town in #Damascus’s suburbs – 19/3/2013
Cases of suffocation reported

Yesterday, the Free Syrian Army liberated Battalion 16 located between Al Atebeh and Al Dumair and bravely fought back the regime’s forces’ attempts to invade the area. Since the liberation, the regime’s forces have been hammering the city with shells and rockets since yesterday as more than 100 shells/rockets fell on Al Atebeh town, forcing up to 15,000 residents and displaced civilians from nearby towns (about 90% of the people in the town) to flee the area and seek refuge in nearby towns. Many sought refuge in schools as well, such as this school in Al Nashabyeh, in which many displaced civilians sought refuge in; it got targeted by airstrikes yesterday too, deliberately attempting to harm and kill the women and children inside. Consequently, many children got wounded.

–School in Al Nashabyeh bombarded:

Today, the regime’s forces stationed in the 3rd division and in other bases have been heavily bombarding Al Atebeh town using artillery shells and rockets with heads containing toxic materials (still unknown yet) that caused many cases of suffocation amongst civilians. Reports say there are martyrs but nothing has been confirmed yet. More details must be reported soon, but videos have been uploaded, showing some of the cases of suffocation and other symptoms, such as extreme difficulty in breathing and very low blood pressure.

–Civilians subjected to the toxic material:

–Doctor explaining the symptoms:

–Martyr killed by bombardment:

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