‪#‎Important‬ ‪#‎Our_Waar_Is_Burning‬

For the umpteenth time, values crumble and humanity slogans (adopted) by the international community grow bare, especially the Western countries, America and their Arab allies, as they show the deepest concern and shed tears that serve their schemes about the recent events in Kobani, known as (Ain Al-Arab), and we all support any initiative concerned with the safety of civilians, while Assad’s war machine destroys entire cities and displaces thousands of civilians in the rest of the Syrian provinces while the international community turns a blind eye.

The newest victims of this abhorrent duality of self-interest are the civilians living in the Homsi besieged neighborhood of Waar. The only area that represent the revolution icon in the decimated city of Homs, and the last stronghold of the Syrian rebels and the civilians who fled the brutality of the Assad regime.

The neighborhood contains more than 200,000 displaced civilians who escaped for their lives from other parts of the city, but it has become the daily target of countless missiles, all sorts of artillery, and explosive cylinders fired by the Assad forces and his sectarian militias commanded by the diabolic Iranian regime, killing many civilians, mostly women and children.
All this comes in the light of the terrible silence of the international community and the countries so-called Friends of Syria, noting that residents of the neighborhood and the rebels did not hesitate in providing peaceful solutions that protect the neighborhood and its residents, the solutions which have always been defused by Assad loyalists and his security officials who want to make a Holocaust and throw each and everyone calls for freedom and a decent life or calls to overthrow the barbaric Assad regime in it.
For that, we raise our voices and launch the campaign‪#‎Our_Waar_Is_Burning‬ in hope we find a receptive ear. We are on the eve of a brutal Holocaust that alarms a large social and humanitarian catastrophe, it’s highest price will be paid by the civilians of the neighborhood.

A reasonable person will realize that pro-regime areas will not be safe of the consequences of this fire, especially when they are the ones who ignited the flames of it and were the advocates of the annihilation of every civilian in the neighborhood, as they previously did in the other besieged areas of Homs, the same besieged areas that was destroyed completely while the whole world was watching silently.
We call upon all international organizations to show responsibility towards this neighborhood and find an effective mechanism in order to protect civilians from the genocidal policy pursued by Assad forces and his sectarian militias before it is too late.

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